Industry natives who think brands

In the beginning there is an idea for a product. We help igniting the spark and support you with Product Development. Starting with the Recipe on to the Product Design and International Distribution up to Licensing and Ventures – our expertise covers the entire product cycle.

Industry natives who build brands

If your product has found its ground on the market, we will provide the wings to make it fly. With the means of Communicating your brand and its values, specific PR Strategies – and Campaigns on all relevant channels, Social Media Maintenance or Presenting your product on Trade Fairs, Events and Promotions we transport the exact values of your brand.

Industry natives who sell brands

When the idea becomes a product or a brand it is time to reinforce and position it accordingly. With Market and Competitor Analysis, the Positioning of the product and the appropriate Strategy, Consulting and Marketing we deliver the ideal groundwork for your products and build them into distinctive brands.

Small Big Brands is a full service agency specialized in the beverage sector. Founded in January 2014, Small Big Brands is an industry expert today for brand – and product development, consulting, communication and promotion of global brands and promising start ups in the beverage scene.

Passionate and hard-wearing

Real passion knows no pain. We love and live the brands we work with. Even if we have to strain ourselves - we’re not leaving until the job is done!

Creative and pragmatic

Creative where possible, pragmatic where necessary. Creativity is what drives us. But we also know when the simple and efficient solution is the best one.

Experienced and open-minded

We experienced all stations of the industry cycle. We know the trends, understand the market and know when to rebel against well-known concepts.

Demanding and quality conscious

We are demanding towards ourselves and towards our services. We demand the most of our products. Our quality begins with their quality.

Honest and challenging

Honesty is key to our measures. Be it the feedback of your brand or the transparent billing of our cases. We demand the same of our clients. This our path for a long and vital relationship.

Flexible and spontaneous

Just sitting in the conference room limits our movement and space. We are where you need us, no matter when and where. We like to act and react out there where the magic happens.

Analogue and digital

No matter if it is traditional craftsmanship or digital editing – our resources unite the best of both worlds to find the perfect solution for your brand.

Bastian Heuser

Founder and CEO of Small Big Brands. Co-founder of the Bar Convent Berlin, the Cocktailian online shop and co-author of the Cocktailian Cocktail-compendium. In charge of the overview, brand strategies, brand consulting and distribution concepts at Small Big Brands.

Steffen Lohr

Founder and CEO of Small Big Brands. Passionate even organizer. Bartender and bar manager who has worked all around the globe. Brand ambassador of Bacardi with countless masterclasses, events and trade-fair appearances. In charge of keeping the team spirit up, creative concepts and brand – and product development at Small Big Brands.

Anja Hochwimmer

Office manager and accountant at Small Big Brands. Bar manager in London with a degree in International Hospitality Management. CEO assistant at a private members club with focus on accounting and event planning. Office manager and controller at an agency. In charge of the last cent, accounting and administration at Small Big Brands.

Andrea Brandes

Consultant with focus on events and promotion at Small Big Brands. Bartender and experienced promoter. Trained office administrator and owner of a promotion agency, specialized in bar – and club events, festivals and exclusive celebrity events. In charge of fail-safe, brand presentation, events and promotion.


Small Big Brands can make use of a network of Prefered Partners, whose expertise complements ours. In years of experience those cooperations proved as a suitable complement to our work consulting brands and positioning products well-directed.


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